Welcome to my very first ever Wiki page!! My name is Brianne Parker. I teach in the ACCESS program at a community day center in Anaheim. I am the site liaison as well as a day school and contract learning teacher. I have worked in the program for almost six years. For the past three years, I have also been teaching for the Garden Grove district two nights a week teaching ESL to adult learners. I hope to learn how to become an effective future administrator in my program through the Tier I credential program. I am anxious and excited to meet new people and become educated in the area of administration.
When I am not at work or now school, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two little dogs. I also enjoy traveling and curlng up with a good book.




The wikipage would be a useful tool in the area of a site administrator. Posting news, files, updates, and interesting information in the files would be beneficial in communication. Using the reflection section and/or answer questions is a quick and useful way of communication. The bookmark websites are fun and useful as well. I think all of these programs will ben useful in the up and coming field project!!
Wikiapces appears to be a useful tool to teachers as well as administrators. I have enjoyed learning about the different websites that are available and the various uses they each hold. Continuing to use programs such as Powerpoint for educational and instructional services will only broaden our capabilities as future administrators.


So, tell me about your dogs? Big or small? Names? -Rachele

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