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Hi, my name is Catherine L. I am enjoying this class. I have already been implementing my learnings into my 5th grade class and school site.

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I really enjoed this class. I always learn something new from Ted.
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I might be able to use some of these online resources at my school site or in the classroom especially when I am teaching science. I can give my students my ikeepbookmarks site and they can go on it at home or when they finish an assignment. For school, I can research internet resources and let other staff members know about them,


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Question: So right now I probably know more that my site administrator when it comes to computer technology, so how do I continue to keep abreast of the latest technology when I become an administrator? (Given time constraints and other responsibilities I have)

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Reflections on "The Courage to Teach"

In Palmer's paragraph he (she?) states " teaching engages my soul as much as any other work I know." This is so true. Which I why when I am either in the position to hire or be on a panel that interviews a potential teacher, I look for someone who says "I can't imagine myself doing anything else." Several years ago I was helping a former principal interview candidates for our school. One hopeful teacher stated that she thought teaching sounded interesting and rewarding. My principal and I asked her a few more questions before quietly showing her the door. Yes teaching is interesting and rewarding but not always. There have been many days I have gone home worn out and frustrated because my students weren't getting it or their behavior was out of control but I never gave up because I have a passion for teaching. As an administrator I would remind my staff why they went into teaching in the first place.

In the past I have had the privilege of being a master teacher to a number of student teachers. Those that had the passion for teaching went on to become successful teachers. Those that did not, quickly found another line of work. As a future administrator I know that unless I get to open a new school, I will inherit a staff of teachers. Some of these teachers may still have the spark for teaching, others will have no spark left and still others will not have had a spark at any time in their teaching career. I owe it to the students of that school to only retain teachers who have that spark and enthusiasm for teaching. I would do everything in my power to reignite that spark for those who's flame has dimmed. For some that might mean reminding them of why they went into teaching in the first place. For others it might mean asking them to either write down one positive thing that happened that day or just to be able to share a daily positive note with another colleague or family member. If I was unable to reignite that spark even just a little, then I would encourage this teacher to move on to another career. If there was no spark to begin with, I would see what I could do to get them off of my train. I know this is easier said than done but if a teacher has no passion then they are infecting children with their "lack of enthusiasm disease." This is not acceptable nor is it healthy for the culture of the school.

Creating a Culture That Engages Teachers in Personal Analysis

In order to create a school culture that engages teachers in personal analysis I would do several things. First off I would share my personal experiences. I would be open and vulnerable. My willingness to admit failure would encourage others to do the same. Secondly I would provide journals for my staff to reflect on their own successes and failures. These journals would be for their personal use only but the would be encouraged to share their musings at staff meetings. Finally I would ask my teachers what they thought they excelled in and what they needed to improve in. I have been a BTSA support provider for several years now. We use these types of questions to encourage beginning teachers to reflect on their own practice. In order to create a school culture that engages teachers in personal analysis, I have to foster this it doesn't happen automatically.

I really enjoyed reading your reflection. It is difficult inheriting people on your staff that you haven't hired. I as you know, work with several teachers on my staff. Many are still excited about teaching and love their job. Their are others that can't wait and are counting down the days until they can retire. I liked your idea about using journals with your staff. This provides a safe way for them to share what they are learning and the things that are challenging for them. It will also be documentation for them to see how far they have come in their professional journey as educators. Vicki :)

Here are my reflections on Acacia's Safe School Plan.
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