Hey this is Dena Loi Davis

I am in my 20th year in education, live with my dog in Yorba Linda and work as a HS counselor in OUSD.

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This was a great class. I learned to use the wiki space, created my own page, and learned lots of great resources. Here is the link to my space: dloid.wikispaces.com and my bookmark is http://www.iKeepBookmarks.com/Dloid|

I think that I can use these 2 pages to help the teachers at ROP to link (no pun intended) up to one another and share ideas. I am going to ask to put this information in our next newsletter.
Thanks Ted for more practical ideas!

Reflection on Survey Monkey:
THis is useful, given you know what kind of question to use and you are prepared with questions that fit the template you end up using. I like it.



Reflections on Educational Technology:
Sometimes I think I was born about 5 years too soon. I have always been a techie kind of person. My dad had a computer from Rockwell's salvage in the late 70's which took up an entire wall in his shop. My college did not have a computer lab when I graduated so I learned by trial and error in each job for many years until a personal computer was the norm.
I say all this because educational technology would have been the field I would have choosen before counseling, if I had known it existed 20 years ago. I have always tried to keep up with progress but it has sped by too fast. That is why I am so glad we have this in our Credential program and that it is taught by Ted Lai. It is not boring for those who know some things already, and it really helps the newbies (or should I say oldies!) or digital immigrants.
Thanks for taking the stigma from Excel. I always avoid it, though I know Word. It seems much easier, but I will still have to practice. I am really looking forward to hearing podcasting (again) as now I have a mac at home and can practice. I also have a concept going with a teacher at Orange High to add podcasting to a class project he is doing.
Thanks Ted and good luck in Fullerton!


Reflection Response
Hi Dena!
The instructional leader's ability to make good decisions in hiring makes a huge impact on the culture of a school. I believe as you do, that a school leader’s discernment is key to judging a candidate’s integrity. When a staff has worked to create a school culture that is positive and beneficial to students, it is critical that administrators hire individuals that are committed to sustaining and enhancing the culture. Teachers with integrity, and those that possess a “heart” for children, are hard to find. School leadership must work diligently to seek out these individuals and bring them into a circle of educators that share the same heart. Hiring qualified teachers is probably one of the most important steps toward providing high-quality education for all students. This of course is our ultimate goal as educators!
Shuron Owens

Cognitve Coaching:

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