Monthly Agenda For Diversity and Parent Involvement In an Elementary School Setting

Group 3 Presentation

Working with Diverse Families and Communities Course

OCDE Tier 1 Administrative Services Credential Cohort 5

May 7th, 2011


  • Welcome Back
  • Icebreaker (40 Developmental Assets)
  • Analyze data, theory and research
  • Explain how to do the activity with kids
  • Create an age appropriate copy


  • Break off into grade level teams to analyze data from assessment
  • Chart responses
  • Create 2 common goals from staff for school according to assets


  • Review goals
  • Come up with action plan and strategies to achieve school goals
  • Create a time frame for goals
  • Teachers sign up for committee groups to get all stakeholders involved and create
  • action plans
  • Committee group categories
    • Staff
    • Students
    • Parents
    • Community


  • Stakeholder groups present action plans
  • Groups begin implementation of action plans


  • Staff stakeholder group reports
  • Introduction of cultural Continuum


  • Parent group reports
  • 10 Education Commandments presented for PTO, Family Ed Nights/Days


  • Student group reports
  • Presentations of tolerance, anti-bullying, character traits


  • Community group reports
  • Business partners
  • Teachers assigned to redo 40 developmental assets survey


  • Teachers bring data from survey and reanalyze results, discuss successes
  • Discussion of next steps for following year