Uploading Files

Uploading files to our wikispace is as easy as attaching a file to an email. The steps are found below:

  • Make sure you click on Edit This Page
  • Select the Add Image icon (It has a tree). This is really an upload button. You can upload any file or image with this. When you select this icon, a pop-up window will appear with all the files that have been uploaded to this wiki as well as options for uploading new images (See image below).
* To upload a new file, click on the Browse button, navigate to the file on your computer, and click to upload it.
  • Once your file or image is uploaded, you will still need to find it among the many thumbnails already uploaded and double click on it to insert it.
  • Here is a PDF of these instructions. Click to download it.


  • Make sure you name your file uniquely so that you can find it more easily. If two files have the same name, then the wiki will have errors.
  • There are several pages of uploaded files already, so you will need to check the thumbnail and name (another good reason to use unique names when uploading).
* If you don't see your file, try selecting Files Only if it's a file or Images Only if it's an image.
  • Don't worry about the External Image URL button. This is only if you have an image or file loaded on another server, and you know the URL path to it.