Taught by Jeremy Davis,,, teachtech on twitter
and Randy Kolset,, rkolset on twitter,

Technology Strand, Overview

The goal of this strand is to expose educational leaders to the various technology tools that are available to help enhance teaching and learning, as well as enhancing leaders' ability to communicate and collaborate. Although it is not necessary for educators to know everything about each application or emerging technology, it is recognized that a certain level of comfort and familiarity is beneficial when developing an Educational Technology vision for a school site and district. Through the use of online resources, readily available tools, and emerging technologies, educators are better able to address the digital natives that we are teaching.

Day 1: Google Docs and Online Collaboration, Building your Professional Learning Network

Angel Online

Google Accounts - Gmail vs Google Account
Google Documents
  • Data in Spreadsheet
  • Uploading Documents
  • Forms and Surveys
  • Collaboration

Statewide Educational Technology Services (SETS projects)
The world of Web 2.0



Day 2, Communicating with Web 2.0, Cybersafety, and Information Literacy

Wordle and Tagul
TeamViewer and

Day 3, Cybersafety, Information Literacy, Common Core

California Model School Library Standards
Common Core Standards

Integrating Language Arts with all subject
Glogster EDU as a performance assessment