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Hi - My name is Amy. I'm a third grade teacher at Golden Hill Elementary in Fullerton, before that I taught first grade.

I teach young kids because I think like them and some say I act like them. I'd much rather spend my day with a group of 8 year olds than with adults - they're much more interesting - I like their books, their movies, I even like their jokes.

This was today's joke courtesy of Danny:

Why do you find the Sphinx in the desert? ......Because they need the sand for their litter box.


Sweet hair Sylveter!!! Keep on smiling!!
I agree children are an amazing joy!!

Reflections from 10/13

I enjoyed last night's session immensely and feel that there are several things that I will be able to take back to my classroom. I really liked the social bookmarking information and think this would be a great way to extend learning for my students. I'm planning on establishing a bookmark page for parents to reference with their children at home to enhance our curriculum. In addition, with the use of the bookmark service, my students can access this website in our media center and visit the other sites that I would like them too. The social bookmarking is something I would share with my colleagues because I think it is an unknown gold mine at this point.
I also liked the wikispaces information - I can see also implementing this as a way to create more of a classroom community with students and their parents. I like the idea of a wikispace much more than a classroom web site because it is so much more interactive and collaborative.

Notes to Self
Wikispaces would be a great place for all our action groups

check out widgets on yahoo, imbee.com - my space for school


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Check out the weather in Denver.


Our school is comprised of a dedicated group of educators, parents, community members, and students working toward a shared goal of success for all participants.
*Students engage in a variety of learning opportunities in a safe, stimulating environment where the evidence of students meeting and surpasing the standards are as varied and diverse as thhe students themselves.
*Success is not only measured in academic achievement but also in the areas of the arts, social skills, physical wellness and in the development of global citizens.
Our students will be ready to meet the global challenge by utilizing their academic intelligence with their cutting edge knowledge of technology and their willingness to be responsible and responsive world citizens.


Writing a vision is difficult in some respects because, it is difficult for me to put into words some of the nebulous areas that I feel, we as educators should include in our daily lessons. Obviously we must educate each child in "reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic" but there is so much more we can do to prepare them to be a contributing, positive member of our global community. How do you include the concept of valuing all children and recognizing each child for the significant contribution they can make? How do you measure something that cannot be tested on a standardized test?
It is more than apparent to me that it is imperative to have a vision to guide a school successfully. I also firmly believe that a vision ultimately can solve many of the issues and problems of minutia that can engulf an administrator. Having a strong vision can guide decision making at all levels from the budget to what types of enrichment programs to promote at your school. I believe as a school leader you must have a vision and use it as a guiding light in your decision making process.
As much as I believe in having a strong vision at a school, I can also see some pitfalls in trying to develop a school vision as an incoming leader. How do you work with existing school staff to develop a vision that is true to the school culture and true to yourself? And what do you do when you are looking at a group of school personnel who might not share your basic belief system of education?

My Reflections on the Shared Vision Course

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