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Vision Homework


The Five Whys Scenarios

There was a fight in the bathroom between Vietnamese and Hispanic students. Four students were injured.


  1. They don’t have a peer assisted learning program
The school does not know about it

  1. Relationship building activities are not valued
We do not have any information about differences in cultures

  1. Lack of role models
Now we need to build role models and relationships between diverse groups

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In the classroom, I would use it in descriptive writing and language development. Each student would develop their own character by adding significant facial features that would represent a personality type. I would add social pragmatics with with Michelle Garcia Winners model of perspective taking that focus on impressions. Students would reflect impressions others make based on look, say, do. Students could make a profile of a character, friend, story character, and themselves with reflections on how the person would think, act, look, and what they would do. They make then respond to how others may respond to their behavior.