Welcome to my flatland.


Hi. My name is Ellen, and in most cases, I tend to be quite verbal.
Tonight, however, my alter-ego has emerged through my limited avetar choices and I have decided to be angry math girl.

I dig the images. The avatar creation reminds me of a glyph -like exercise in which we could use different features to represent characteristics of ourselves to display our commonalities and differences. By representing non-visual, non-physical characteristics such as beliefs, birth order, pet-ownership, food preference, experiences and values, we could create images of ourselves that would redefine our conceptions of family, relatedness and similarity.

I like water... a lot.

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The biggest news in my life is that I recently got married.
We took off to Maui
See our slideshowVery nice. Simply wonderful!! Raymond


Congratulations on your wedding. I am so excited for you. DuaneDuane
Liar, hee hee.... doesn't remind me of a glyph!! Holly

I love the entry. I think it's hilarious. Perhaps I'll try the glyph exercise on Group 2. -Ted


Journal: From day 1:
I have used many of the applications, platforms and sites in the past. For example, when I was a teacher, I kept a website that was really my own social bookmarking, without RSS of course. I simply kept a geocities website of links to resources that were grouped by page with annotations. then, if we were working on a project or a specific topic, I would build a filamentality "hotlist" and have it linked from my site. This morning, I checked out deli.cio.us, and it makes things so much easier. I plan to build my delicious page with the tags because my current work at the county with different projects and groups of people makes the folder organizational platform limiting. The Tags will allow me to take one bookmark and taag it with all of its connections

I am a member of another wikispace for our Adaptive Schools Planning Group here in Instructional services. A Wiki is a great platform for a working group, for a council, or for a network because the notes, the work products, announcements, concerns, can all be posted in one place and it limits the steps of someone taking notes, emailing them to everyone, getting them, putting them in a folder, etc

I want to lern more about podcasting