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I love being a special education teacher in the Orange Unified School District. I am currently attempting to increase the integration of technology into my classroom. With our new computer lab, I should be much more successful, because we now have the technology available to us. We also recently had internet drops put into our classrooms, so as soon as I get the ether net cord, I will be in business!
I am in this program now, because I would like to learn more about the realm of leadership. I feel this is something I would be interested in doing in the future, and now is a good time for me to attend classes. I have two young sons, 2 1/2 years old and 6 months, at home, and although I am really busy now, I'm sure I'll get even busier in the years to come. I figured now would be the best time to go for it! I'm not sure what I would want to do with my administrative credential, but I am interested in being a site principal and possibly a position in the field of special education.
Outside of teaching and the credential program, I spend a great deal of time with my family. We love attending Anaheim Ducks hockey games together and visiting Disneyland. We also love to visit the beach, and my oldest son loves to spend time out on the water. He thinks he already knows how to drive a Duffy. I try to spend as much quality and quantity time with my boys!



If your coordinator was on the ball you would have everything you need to be technology savy-Rachele


October 14, 2006: Technology Use in the Classroom
I think I could really use the social bookmarking sites for my students when they are doing research on the internet. This would make them more efficient, because they would already be directed to individual sites instead of spending a lot of time searching. On Monday, my students are going to the lab to do some research on fish, so if I have time, I would love to add some sites to my ikeepbookmarks site for them. I also really liked the Edutopia site, because it had a lot of different instructional modules for different grade levels. I would love to spend some time going through these modules to find the ones that directly apply to instruction. I could also use a wiki space for my students when they are doing a group project. I could see what each student did. This would also be great for a class discussion on a topic. They could have a homework assignment to respond to a question or prompt, and they might be more willing to do this online instead of on paper. -Erin

October 27, 2006: Technology
Wow! I have so many things I want to go back and do in my classroom. I need to make sure I start doing these things ASAP, because I will forget how to do them and a million other things will get in the way. I am using ikeepbookmarks right now to establish a list of websites for students to use for research. I will put my data for my students into an Excel spreadsheet instead of writing them in by hand. I will then be able to give them to my principal this way, so she can easily add them to her spreadsheet. I will also make a graph of the students scores and compare this to their assessments at their benchmarks. I am so much more comfortable making graphs now, and this will give me an easy visual to reference. I am still thinking about how I will use wikispaces. Some of my students have difficulty turning in their homework, especially writing assignments. I was thinking that maybe instead of having them write their daily journal or response to literature, I would be able to post it on wikispaces or on Blackboard. Our district is now using wikis, so this might be a good way to integrate what the district is using with my new knowledge. I think it would also be really cool to have a wiki for teachers at a specific grade level or category. I was the only SDC teacher at my school, and it was difficult to find somebody to bounce ideas off of or to get suggestions from somebody. A wiki would allow us the opportunity to share our ideas on topics and provide support to one another. It would really shrink the teaching environment and would decrease the isolation special educators feel. - Erin

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